How to Write a YouTube Video Script – 7+ Proven Techniques to Get It Right Every Time

How to Write a YouTube Video Script

Do you believe YouTube videos aren’t scripted? You may have to rethink you decision if you do! 

Sure, you’ll need the correct YouTube vlogging equipment, a banging soundtrack, and high-quality cinematography to create fascinating videos, but a well-written and well-executed screenplay may make or break your YouTube video in terms of exposure and interaction.

If you’re just getting started as a YouTuber, or if you’re having trouble keeping your viewers engaged on your channel, this article will point you in the right direction on how to write a great YouTube video script. 

How to Write a YouTube Video Script – 7+ Proven Techniques to Get It Right Every Time

What Is A Video Script?

What is a Video Script? A video script serves as the blueprint and foundation for your digital video. It’s a list in chronological order of the scenes, action, and dialogue you want to include in your video.

Below are some tips to help you in creating and delivering the best video script for your next social media video content.

What Is Your Objective?

Video Script How To Write – To be a successful YouTuber, you must first identify your video’s goal or objective. The goal of your video should be able to be described in a single sentence.

Is it for the purpose of publicizing your skills, business, or talent? Is it to keep current viewers or clients interested, or to attract new ones? Do you want to monetize the video with advertisements? Is it your intention to both entertain and gain more subscribers?

After you’ve defined your goals or objectives, spend time researching other popular YouTubers in your niche, as well as the components that make them engaging.

You might even find a sample or template script that you can use to make your own video. Take inspiration from others, but don’t plagiarise or steal content. Check out this link for some pre-writing strategies.

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Who Is Your Audience?

Learn How To Write A Video Script – Your audience is important, and you must understand them — their goals, desires, questions, and preferences. A clear demographic will assist you in determining the voice, approach, presentation, material, and call-to-action. What you say depends on who you’re talking to.

Is your audience interested in your knowledge? What useful information can you provide to help them solve a problem? People watch tutorials to learn how you can assist them. Be specific and get right to the point.

Always keep in mind who you’re speaking with, including their age, interests, location, language background, education level, and even gender.

How to Write a YouTube Video Script – 7+ Proven Techniques to Get It Right Every Time

Take note of any previous comments or suggestions from your audience. What would they like to see more of? What are their preferences and dislikes? Investigate your most popular videos and most active followers before creating your next video.

If you want to speak to a completely different group of people, you must assert your authority right away. This is your opportunity to tell others about yourself!

Highlight your experience, skills, work, and client list at the top of the video, or direct viewers to your portfolio, reel, or another video that tells them who you are and why you are an expert on this subject.

What Is The Tone Of Your Video?

What Is Video Script – Tone is crucial. Will you take a serious, comedic, experimental, professional, or wacky approach? Your tone is determined by your objectives and audience. Maintain a consistent tone throughout your presentation to ensure your audience is engaged from start to finish.

Consider the emotional response you want your viewers to have and modify the tone of your YouTube video script accordingly. Your chosen tone will influence the narration, music or soundtrack, and visuals you use.

If you’re going to give a great deal of information verbally, make it conversational but insightful. If humour is your preferred mode of delivery, practise your jokes in front of an audience first! To establish a clear brand style, the tone should be consistent with your previous (and future) work.

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What Is Your Strategy?

What Is A Video Script – To put your vision into action, you’ll need a strategy. Is it your intention to keep the audience engaged with visuals? 

If this is the case, you should devote a majority of your time to pre-production and focus on storyboarding your shots to make the story flow. 

You may want to hire a motion graphics artist to create slick and relevant animation for explainer videos. Check out this link to the 7 important steps of low budget filmmaking if you want to improve your filmmaking skills.

Do you want to elicit an emotional response from your audience? Then speak to them rather than at them. Make it your own. Use anecdotes or stories from your own life. Be open and honest. 

Is it your intention to impress your audience with your knowledge and experience? Then you could be more professional while still being entertaining.

What role does storytelling play? Can you use a character to lead your audience through a question-and-answer session? Maintain a clear focus and resist from using too many characters or plotlines. Always keep your theme and plan of action in mind.

What's Your Delivery?

Video Script Writing –  How will the information be relayed? What is the most appropriate structure and length? For instance, if you’re creating an explainer video, you might want to divide it into sections to whet your audience’s desire and keep them coming back for much more.

Can you enlist the assistance of a professional to talk in your video? All of this can be scripted, including talking heads and discussions with powerful b-roll to back it up. Make sure to direct your person being interviewed to give sound bites that strengthen your video’s theme and final call to action.

How to Write a YouTube Video Script

Will you speak directly to the camera or will you use voiceover? Then you might want to include lines that will be read aloud by a teleprompter (which can be a smartphone, computer, or tablet).

Even if the script isn’t exactly followed, your host should have enough beats to cover the key points of the video subject matter. For some, key points may be more efficient than a script reading. Perform an off-camera read-through of the script before you start filming.

What Is the Message/Content?

Writing A Script For A Video – Make an effort to be simple and clear right from the start. The first ten seconds of your youtube clip are crucial. The first one to two sentences are crucial. That’s where scripting comes in handy. Throughout the video, keep hammering home your focused message.

Consider your YouTube video script to be a three-act play, with an intro, body, and conclusion that are all separate but necessary parts. Make sure to weave your theme throughout each one.

Make a point of reading all of the speaking parts aloud. Trim for clarity as well as to reduce the overall length of the video. All of the featured components and discussion should feel natural, so read it out loud to friends, family, or coworkers and solicit feedback.

You should also double-check whatever information you share and possibly include links in the YouTube description area.

Action Is Needed

How To Write A Video Script – What would you like your viewers to do with the content you’ve provided them with? Will you want them to click, purchase, or leave a comment? Then tell them, and repeat this in each act.

At the end, a clear call to action is required. Your call to action can take the form of a prompt or a question. Make your question personal or controversial if you want people to comment. Create it to elicit more than just a yes or no response.

Make use of future content and titles to tease your audience. Send your viewers to your webpage, social media pages, and YouTube channel.

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Script Formatting

How to Write a YouTube Video Script

Video Script Format – So you’ve decided on the objectives, audience, strategy, tone, delivery, and content; now it’s time to focus on writing a video script. You might want to begin with an overview and then write a much more detailed script.

The voiceover/dialogue, as well as the video’s visual and audio elements, should all be included in the template. Consider it a manual for your cinematographer, host/talent, and editor. To display the audio and video for each frame/scene, use a simple two-column format. Click here for an example of a video script and find a free video script template as well.

Any visual aids, such as animation, titles, and calls to action, should be included. You could even include notes to the editor in your YouTube video script.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is critical in getting your video in front of your target audience. Google must understand what your youtube clip is about, and you must assist your audience in finding it.

You want your title, description, and links to appear in a Google search, so in addition to the video, you’ll want to script those components as well as keywords that your viewers might use to find information like the one in your video.

Are you unsure how to obtain relevant keywords for your youtube clip? Use keyword research tools such as KWFinder and SEMrush, as well as the video-specific VidIQ. These tools will help your video score higher in search rankings, boost sales and lead generation, and expand the exposure of your brand.

I am not an SEO expert, but there are many great YouTube clips that can help you improve the SEO of your YouTube clips like the video below.


Pre-production time spent composing your YouTube video script template can save you time, money, and big mistakes during production and editing. It can also make for a more efficient operation among crew members, so happy screenwriting!

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