Nomatic Travel Bag 40L Review – The Perfect Travel Backpack

The Nomatic Travel Bag is one of the best travel backpacks on the market today. 

I know that is a pretty bold statement to make, but if you are looking for the right travel backpack to handle anything that is thrown at it, the Nomatic Travel Bag 40L might be the backpack you have been looking for.

I have been searching for the right travel backpack for years for the amount of traveling I do. 

With the number of backpacks I have purchased over the years only to be disappointed in my decision, I think I have finally found the backpack I have been looking for most of my traveling life.

While the Nomatic Travel Bag may or may not work for many travelers, I have put this travel backpack through hell and back, and by the end of this review, I hope you will feel confident that the Nomatic Travel Bag is the right carry-on backpack for you in the future.

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Why is the Nomatic Travel Bag The Right Fit For You?

When you look at most travel packs on the market today, they look like typical backpacks that scream “I am a tourist!”

But, not the Nomatic Travel Bag 40L. This water resistant travel backpack is a fresh new look on the typical backpack as well as all the features you would expect from a travel backpack.

Many experienced travelers are now abandoning the old-fashioned travel backpacks and switching to the Nomatic Travel Backpack because of it’s more modern look and feel. 

The Nomatic Travel Bag is the right choice for anyone traveling for a weekend getaway or a 7-day journey in which you don’t need to pack a lot while you are exploring new places around the world.

The great thing about the Nomatic Travel Bag is that its airline approved for carry-on. So if you are a traveler looking for a stylish backpack with incredible design and the ability to pack efficiently, this is one of the best packs on the market today. 

If you read further on in this post, I have posted reviews on the Nomatic Travel Bag, to prove I am not alone in thinking it’s a great carry-on backpack for travelers.


How it might not be the right Travel Backpack for some

I don’t want to pull any punches in this review, and if you are looking for the right travel backpack for your journey’s you need to know the pros and cons of the travel bag.

Since this travel backpack is a 40L bag, its made for those types of travelers that go on short trips anywhere from 1 – 7 days.

If you are a traveler that needs to pack everything in his/her closet to enure you never wear the same thing twice…then this bag isn’t for you.

If you are looking for a larger backpack for longer trips that can handle the weight of a 14-day journey, then I would suggest the Osprey Aether 70.

Or, if you are looking for a hiking backpack as you are hitching a ride across the country then I would suggest a rugged all-terrain backpack like the Osprey Farpoint 40.

But, if you are looking for a backpack with a fashionable design and incredible organization that can be taken on a business trip or a week in Paris, then read further to find out if the Nomatic Travel Bag is right for you.

About Nomatic

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NOMATIC began when two cousins — Jon Richards and Jacob Durham — designed an innovative wallet and launched it on Kickstarter. 

They expected to get about 50 orders, but over 6,000 people backed their campaign. 

Since then, they have launched multiple crowdfunding campaigns and shipped products to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

NOMATIC has continued innovating products by listening to what consumers want, prioritizing quality, and creating the most functional products ever.

The Nomatic brand offers fantastic travel accessories that every traveler should have like packing cubes, shoe organizers, and apparel sleeves

But in regards to the post, I will be discussing the Nomatic travel bag and the many different types of Nomatic travel bags.

The Nomatic Brand offers three different styles of backpacks: the Nomatic Backpack, Nomatic Travel Pack, and Nomatic Travel Bag. 

While each of the Nomatic travel packs looks similar and offer the same great organization inside, each travel backpack that Noamtic offers is designed for different types of travelers.

If you are looking for a travel backpack, with a similar design, and fantastic organization compartments I would suggest the Nomatic Backpack and the Nomatic Travel Pack.

But, each of these travel packs has differences that set themselves apart.

The Nomatic Backpack and the Nomatic Travel Pack are very alike. 

They share a similar design, the ability to expand, and have an amazing internal organization – but it’s their differences that are the most important.

And that’s why I am reviewing the Nomatic Travel Bag to get the word out to travelers that the Nomatic brand is a great brand.

The Nomatic Travel BACKPACK

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If you look at the Nomatic Travel Bag line up, the difference between Nomatic Backpack and The Nomic Travel Backpack is the size.

The Nomatic Backpack’s size comes in at 20L, which can be expandable up to 24L, which is great for everyday performance. It’s not built for travel lasting longer than 7 days.

The Nomatic TRAVEL PACK, on the other hand, is the grown-up version of the Nomatic Packs. 

The NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag is the perfect travel bag for those 3-7 day trips. It’s made with durable, water-resistant materials and a full perimeter zipper. 

The patented strap system allows you to go from duffel to backpack carry for those times when you need more flexibility. 

Each 40L Travel Bag includes a custom laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate as you travel. 

There are multiple compartments for shoes, clothes, tech, and even a water bottle pocket to help you keep your gear organized as you travel. 

With over 20 features, this is the perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. 

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Here are some of the features that I love about the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag:

  • TSA Accessible – I know that when I am going through TSA security, I always see travelers in front of me always struggling to get his/her laptops out in a timely matter. With the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag, you can instantly unzip the laptop compartment without struggling, unlike other popular backpacks.
  • Tablet Ready – Most travelers when using just carry-on for airline travel pack a tablet or e-reader to keep the weight down in the backpack. With the Nomatic Travel Bag, there is a specific pocket that will keep tablets or e-reader safe and snug.
  • Mesh dividing wall – The Nomatic Travel Bag uses a mesh wall in the main compartment for better organization of clothes for shorter trips.
  • Compression packing cubes – If you haven’t used packing cubes before, then you are missing out. With the Nomatic Travel Bag, they have added this feature to the backpack for organizing your clothes better during travel. Plus, the bag offers two compartments, that you can use to separate clean clothes from dirty. 
  • RFID Safe Pocket – This is great for storing your passport so it helps avoid skimming. If you are unsure of RFID skimming, it’s when thieves with an electronic device scan RFID frequency’s from credit cards and passports to obtain valuable information that can be used for identity theft.
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Is the Nomatic Travel Bag The Perfect Carry-on?

Let me start with carry-on allowances on airplanes, Airlines are constantly changing the dimensions and weight allowances for carry-on so don’t hold me to what I say, as it can change tomorrow.

But, when it comes to whether a 40L backpack vs a 60L backpack is allowed as carry-on, I would stick to 40L to be on the safe side. That’s why The Nomatic Travel Bag is the perfect carry-on for any type of travel.

Sure there are some budget airlines out there trying to nickel and dime every passenger it terms of weight limits and so forth, but if you properly pack a carry-on(click here to find out howyou will have no problems with The Nomatic Travel Bag

Now the question I ask you is, “Can you properly pack your clothing and accessories for travel up to 7 days?” If you can, then traveling with just carry-on luggage will make a huge difference in your traveling life going forward.

Why? First off, have you ever had your checked-in luggage lost while heading to a business conference, and had to wear what you wear on the plane during a business presentation in front of a thousand colleagues? 

I have, and let’s just say that the CEO of the company wasn’t happy, and could explain why I was restructured out of a job three months later. 

By packing everything you need for a short trip up to 7 days is a travel changer because everything you need for a perfect trip is always with you. 

Plus, who likes waiting for up to an hour at the baggage carousel at most major airports for his/her checked bags.

Here are some other functions and features that have saved me in my past travels while using my Nomatic Travel Bag:

Can Be Used As A Backpack Or Duffel Bag

40l nomatic travel bag nomatic travel bag

Not only is the Nomatic Travel Bag a comfortable backpack for carrying normally around the shoulders, but with a side handle, detachable waist straps and shoulder strap feature on the Travel Backpack, it can be used as a travel duffel bag.

So, if you don’t want to look like you are heading off to college while traveling this is a great feature.

Nomatic Laundry Bag Feature

Have you ever traveled on vacation where you are visiting multiple destinations during your travels, and when packing to head off to your next destination you are packing your clean clothes along with your dirty clothes?

I have a few times, and it’s like playing Russian roulette with your underwear if you are unsure which ones are clean or dirty if you are not organized properly.

That’s why I love the Nomatic Laundry Bag feature because if you are traveling light, you can pack your clean clothes separate from the dirty.

Waterproof Tarpaulin Material

Traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the near future and worried about getting caught in the rain?

With the Nomatic Travel Pack’s 100% waterproof tarpaulin material, it’s perfect for keeping your things dry in case of a rainstorm or if some child at the pool does a cannonball into the pool at your hotel and drenches everyone with water.

Keep in mind that I wouldn’t go scuba diving with the travel pack on, as it’s not that waterproof.

But, if you are doing that, you might be missing a key element to your gear, and that would be a scuba tank to help you breathe.

Shoe Compartment

Another great feature I love in Nomatic Travel Bags is the hidden pockets!

And the one I use the most is the shoe compartment.

There is a compartment in this bag specifically made for storing an extra pair of shoes!

So if you are on the move and need running shoes to get you from terminal to terminal, but need to pack dress shoes for a formal engagement on your trip, you can pack those with ease.

Plus, if you don’t need to pack an extra pair of shoes for your journey, this compartment can be used to store an extra jacket or sweater if needed.

Roller Pack Sleeve Feature

Traveling with roller suitcase as well during your journey? (Click here for my review on the Samsonite Freeform Carry-on)

With the roller pack sleeve feature on the Nomatic Travel Bag, you can simply slide your backpack right over the top of the handle of your extra luggage so you can move freely where ever you are traveling to.

Laptop Sleeve

I know before I purchased the Nomatic Travel Pack, I was using backpacks for travel that were not tech-friendly in terms of protecting my laptop or tablet.

If you are traveling with a 15′ laptop or smaller and an Ipad or e-reader, the laptop sleeve is perfect to keep your electronics safe and secure, and easy to access while going through airport security. 

RFID Safe Pocket

Oh, the RFID Safe Pocket! This is another great feature of this travel bag that many other backpacks fail to offer.

Why is this so important?

Well, from the seminars I have gone to in terms of travel, one of the biggest things that thieves are doing to travelers is credit card and passport skimming.

It’s so easy for thieves to stand next to you without anyone noticing, capture frequencies from your passport or credit cards and steal your identity.

By placing your passport into the RFID safe pocket at the airport, train station, or anywhere else, you can stop the thieves in his/her tracks.

Oh! If you are worried about credit card skimming, you should think about buying an RFID wallet to protect thieves from highjacking your credit card information. (Click here for some great RFID wallets on Amazon.)

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

The last thing I love among the 20 incredible features of this travel backpack is the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Got a broken handle? They will fix it for free. Torn seam? Done and fixed!

I have had so many backpacks that have fallen apart over a six month period in my travels, that the cost of getting new backpacks each time was bankrupting me.

But, with the satisfaction guarantee, I never have to worry about purchasing a new backpack for years to come. Unless I lose my Nomatic Travel bag, then I will just by another one.


Nomatic Ultimate Travel Bundle

travel bundle nomatic nomatic travel bag nomatic travel bag

If you are looking for the perfect travel bundle, Nomatic offers the Ultimate Travel Bundle that is built around two of our most popular bags – the Travel Pack & the 40L Travel Bag. 

This bundle gives you an incredible organization system that enables you to pack more in less space and look sleek wherever you go. 

The Ultimate Travel Bundle includes:

  • 40L Travel Bag
  • Travel Pack
  • Waist Straps
  • Laundry Bag
  • Vacuum Bag
  • Shirt Organizer
  • Compression Cube
  • Toiletry Bag

Here is a review from the website: “So far the travel bundle is exactly what I wanted. Since getting it I have traveled for the last 8 months to over 10 countries and more cities than I can count. 

The 40L Travel Bag is my new closet. Even though it says it packs for 3-7 days, I have lived out of it for a good 8 months. It holds everything I need, fits great, and has always been accepted as a carry on for plan travel. Normally I wear it with the waist straps, and I carry the Travel Pack like a briefcase.

The Travel Pack is my new office. As I work from my laptop, phone, and tablet, everything I need fits perfectly in the Pack and has always been safe and secure.

I have been extremely hard on both Bags but both have managed to still look and operate fairly new. The material of the bags are very well made and overall just feels like quality. The only complaint I have is that the ‘new smell’ of the very well-made bags could have last just a bit longer. =]

Great Product, Very Well Built

PS – Waiting patiently for the new Peter McKinnon Camera Pack that already looks like it might be my new favorite bag of all time =]”


Should you get a tsa ready Nomatic Travel Bag for your travels? If you are looking for a trendy designed backpack with incredible features, you will love the Nomatic backpack.

Keep in mind that it’s a 40L backpack, and meant for short journeys or incredible travel packers that can fit everything they need in one bag. Just toss your clothes in a vacuum bag/packing cube, and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a bigger backpack for longer journeys, then I would suggest the Osprey Aether 70 because it’s built for longer journeys.

But for me, when I travel I always pack light, and the Nomatic Travel Bag is the best travel bag out there.

With the magnetic water bottle pockets, waist strap system, laptop sleeve, and so much more is tough to find a better travel backpack out there!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have a Nomatic Backpack and love some features I haven’t mentioned in this post? If so, please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

Do you know someone shopping for the right travel backpack? Share this on social media from the icons below, as it would be much appreciated.


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