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Stabilize Smartphone Video Footage – Did you know that big-time Hollywood Directors have shot feature-length films using a smartphone? 

No longer do you have to film a feature with a bulky cinema camera to help you tell your story for the silver screen.

With smartphone cameras (click here for a review on the best) now able to record 4k video footage, many beginning filmmakers are learning the craft of filmmaking using just a smartphone.

Smartphone technology sure has come a long way since the introduction of the brick cellular phone that Zack Morris used in Saved By The Bell.

But, no matter how incredible the video footage is from a smartphone, this is still one major problem, and that is video stabilization.

Since smartphones can fit in the palm of our hands, it’s so easy to trust our smartphone’s built-in stabilizer in the phone, and start filming.

The problem for a filmmaker trusting a smartphone‘s built-in stabilizer during filming, it can make action footage tough to shoot.

If you are looking for easy ways to stabilize your smartphone film footage more cinematic and stable, this is the post for you.

In this post, we’ll have a look at 3 easy things you can do right now to make your smartphone footage look steady and cinematic.

stabilize smartphone video
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Built-In Smartphone Stabilization

With the latest generation of smartphones coming out each and every year, smartphone’s digital camera stabilization is constantly improving.

If you have the latest smartphones from AppleGoogleSamsung, and Huawei, they have built-in automatic functions to instantly adjust all types of color temperature, lighting settings, and even stabilization.

To utilize the built-in stabilization with your smartphone, you must learn how your smartphone adjusts to your natural movements.

Play around with your smartphone to learn how your smartphone adjusts to lighting conditions and movements. Make sure that you have hands-on both sides of the smartphone, and move the camera slowly while filming.

This is the cheapest option available to Stabilize Smartphone Video once you understand the capabilities of your smartphone in terms of working handheld with shaky mount settings.

Smartphone Gimbal / Stabilizer Rigs

Even in the steadiest hands, shooting handheld video is seldom smooth from start to finish. 

Have ever made it through the movie “The Blair Witch Project” without vomiting? That’s Shaky Camera Footage To The Extreme!

Imagine what “The Blair Witch Project” would have looked like with a half-decent gimbal stabilizer rig.

Gimbal stabilizers enable you to track moving subjects and capture smooth pans when shooting video. 

They are available from DJIEVO GimbalsZhiyun-Tech, and many more companies.

Gimbals are easy to learn.  With the right amount of skill and dexterity, you will be able to Stabilize Smartphone Video and improve the cinematic quality of your footage.

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Stabilizing In Editing Suite

If you are editing the video footage that you captured on your smartphone using built-in software on your phone, then this might work out for you.

But, if you have an editing suite on either your desktop or laptop, it’s possible to Stabilize Smartphone Video footage in the editing process.

Software editing programs like Adobe Premiere ProDavinci Resolve, and VirtualDub Deshaker can give you the best results from your smartphone video footage.

All you need to do is download your footage to the editing suite, and with a simple click, you can correct shaky footage while editing.

If you noticed the video clip above, the three software programs mentioned, it’s possible to take your shaky smartphone footage and turn it into something magical.

Keep in mind that you should learn the basics, of your editing software, to correct any shaky footage before erasing the footage from your phone.

It does take a little practice at the beginning, but you may never have to worry about shaky camera footage again.

Keep in mind that when you use an editing suite to Stabilize Smartphone Video footage, it can make sometimes make your video footage worse in terms of picture quality.

So, correcting stabilization in post should be your last resort. 

Try shooting with a stabilizer like a gimbal or stabilizing rig at all times to minimize risk later on.


With the in-camera stabilization software on many smartphones today, the amazing smartphone gimbals that are extremely easy to use, and the latest editing suites, you should have no problem trying to Stabilize Smartphone Video Footage going forward.

My suggestion to you is, always test out these options before shooting any type of video whether it’s vlogging clip from a recent trip, or shooting a short or full-length feature.

Practice is key! Know before you shoot!

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