9 Crucial Rules To Follow When Camping Alone | Things You Should Not Do

Camping Alone – What are your best memories of camping? Is it the fun times you had with your friends or family while sitting around a roaring fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying each other’s company?

But what about camping alone? Do you have any memories from the past of you going on an adventure into the woods solo?

Camping by yourself can be just as fun as camping with others, because you have time to focus on yourself, and not others for a change.

Camping alone gives you the perfect time to relax and recharge and test your survival skills in the open outdoors.

I believe everyone should take a journey by themselves at least once in his/her life to gain perspective of the world around us.

But solo camping does have its disadvantages because you need to be in control of even the tiniest of details since there is no one else to depend on.

If you are a beginner camper or even an advanced camper, it’s critical to not forget about the fundamentals of camping.

To help you with your future solo camping adventures, here are some crucial rules to follow when camping alone, to experience the best journeys of your life.

9 Crucial Rules To Follow When Camping Alone | Things You Should Not Do

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Not Being Prepared Before Leaving On Your Adventure

9 Crucial Rules To Follow When Camping Alone | Things You Should Not Do

The Scout’s motto “Always Be Prepared” is key before every trip. For a safe solo camping adventure, you must prepare yourself to have a journey of a lifetime.

How do you prepare yourself? The keys are to make sure you have all the needed maps with you, and marking on the maps what trails you will be taking along your solo journey. 

Another crucial element of your solo camping adventure you should pay attention to is if you are using new camping gear, practice using the gear to understand how it works before leaving so there are no mistakes along the way.

There is nothing like trying to pitch a new tent in the dark if you don’t know how to do it beforehand.

Going Missing

I know this sounds obvious, but when you are camping alone it’s important to stay as safe as you can. 

Before leaving on your solo camping journey, let your family members or friends know where you will be at all times. 

The best way of doing this is to create an itinerary and send it to your family members or friends, this way they know what trails you are taking and the resting spots you will be staying overnight.

While I know that you may want a break from the everyday stresses of life while camping alone, but you will thank yourself for doing this if anything bad happens and you need help.

Also, when your journey is complete, and you are at home please make sure to contact your friends or family to let them know you are safe and recharge from your trip.

Arriving Late To Your Rest Areas

9 Crucial Rules To Follow When Camping Alone | Things You Should Not Do

Regardless if you are overnighting at a campsite, or a nice spot along the trail, finding your overnight resting spot is tough to do when you are traveling alone in the dark.

When it’s dark, it’s tougher to pitch your tent, find your cooking gear, and so on. So to avoid the feeling of panic, try arriving at your resting spot at least one or two hours before the sun starts to set. 

This way you have enough daylight time, to pitch your tent and get set up for a hearty meal. 


I know that camping alone at times may cause the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear odd animal sounds or twigs breaking around you.

All you need to do is remember that panicking doesn’t make the situation any better.

I know that when I camp alone while on a long hiking journey, my mind begins to play tricks on me. 

Especially when it starts to get dark outside, and my imagination begins thinking of the scariest stuff possible just to make my anxiety go through the roof.

If you are placed in a situation where your mind begins playing tricks on you, remain rational and calm and remind yourself of the reason why you are on this solo camping adventure. 

It’s your time! Enjoy it!

Not Packing Gear That Will Help You From The Boredom Alone

9 Crucial Rules To Follow When Camping Alone 10 camping alone camping alone

For the first few days along your solo adventure, you have some quality time for relaxing, recharging, and thinking about your life so far. 

But there will be times along your solo camping journey where boredom will start kicking in. 

How do you prepare yourself for those boring times alone? 

Bring along with you a travel journal w/pen, a great book or even a deck of cards to keep your mind busy after a long day of hiking. 

Also, load up your smartphone with some great podcasts that will allow you to forget about the odd animal noises around you.

Not Knowing Your Strengths Beforehand, And Overestimating Yourself

This is a critical rule that I had to discover after my initial solo camping trip. 

While going for a long two-hour walk at home might not tire you out, think about a two-hour walk through the forest with a heavy backpack on. It’s not the same. 

While some solo campers may be wrapped up in thoughts, that they forget how long they walked, while others hiking alone may get bored quickly because they have nobody to interact with and minutes will feel like hours.

So what you need to remember if you are on your very first camping alone trip, make sure your hiking plans are achievable and not overestimations.

The plan of attack always is to make sure you get your tent and food sorted in the daylight so you can relax when the sun goes down.

Not Being Realistic

Not Being Realistic

Another significant rule to remember is to never spread yourself too thin.

What do I mean by this? Always keep your goals realistic and achievable.

Make sure you are prepared for being by yourself for whatever time period you have decided for your solo camping trip. 

If you are planning for a five or seven-night solo camping trip, it’s an excellent idea to spend time alone before your trip to understand what solitude feels like.

Hiking alone is a great experience that will make you feel incredibly energized for when you come back, so never overdo it because you want great memories of your adventures and not bad memories. 

My advice for you, if you enjoyed camping alone for the first time, do it again for longer.

Not Making Friends With Strangers

Not Making Friends With Strangers

Sure the rule of don’t talk to strangers was a good rule to follow for when you were young but as an adult on a solo adventure…you need friends sometimes.

Sure, if you are getting some weird spidey senses around some strangers, you should leave before it makes you feel comfortable.

But, even though your solo journey is the perfect time to rediscover yourself, it’s great to meet a friend or two along the way.

Sometimes that new friend may have a lot in common with you, and the conversations you may have can help you pass the time easier when you may be in a rough patch.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people along the way, because you never know that may meet a new camping partner for the future.

Not Staying Safe

I know that I have mentioned above that you should never be over-ambitious while you are solo camping, but you must know the basics of camping before heading out on your adventure.

I love solo camping because it’s rewarding and enriching, but if you are unsure about your first solo trip because it’s your first time, do this trip you are planning with a friend first then.

Understand the basics of camping and hiking before setting off on a solo journey. This is for your safety. 

Always be prepared for stuff to happen that can’t be under your control. 

Since you are traveling outdoors, you may run into situations like running into a wild animal or stuck in a dangerous position that you need to get out of. 

Just learn and adapt to any situation and use your skills and preparation to stay safe along the way on your solo trip. 


I hope that these crucial rules to follow when beginning your solo camping adventure will help you enjoy your first hiking journey. 

Just remember that camping alone is safe, gratifying, and a great adventure that I hope everyone tries at least once in his/her life. 

Always remember to keep these essentials in your mind for each solo journey.

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