Camping Gear Essentials List – 20+ Best Camping Gadgets & Gear

Camping Gear Checklist –  Camping Gadgets & Gear

Due to the recent major changes in the travel scene, trip plans have been drastically reduced, with a greater emphasis on local travel. When it comes to local travel, I usually consider going off the grid for a time and heading into nature to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature, and camping is the finest way to do so.

What’s the point of camping? The nice thing about camping is that no matter where you live on this crazy world, there is a great area to get away from it all within hours of where you live.

However, if you’ve never tented before or are thinking of dusting off the camping gear that’s been lying in storage for a few years, it’s vital to have all of the camping basics covered to have a fantastic camping vacation.

Are you ready to venture outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Here is my ideal camping essentials list, which every camper should stick to in order to make any camping trip the most satisfying and rejuvenating yet.

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My Current Camping Setup

My camping scenario at this time is for two people: my wife and me. However, the camping equipment recommendations in this checklist blog post are for more than two people.

Now, the tent I use for the majority of my camping trips is a six-person tent, which is ideal for when you need to get out of the rain while still being able to dine inside if necessary. Keep in mind that if a 6 person tent is too big for you, I have some additional tent choices for camping settings.

Also, most of my camping vacations run about two nights, but they can continue up to five nights if I find the right camping escape. While this list may not include everything you’ll need if you’re camping for an extended amount of time, it does include nearly everything you’ll need to get started on your camping trip.

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Camping - Cooking

When it comes to packing food for your camping vacations, it’s critical to avoid underpacking or overpacking. 

Why? For one thing, you never know where the closest grocery shop is near your campsite to restock your supplies. Two, when you overpack, you don’t want food to go to waste. Nobody loves wasting money these days, especially with the rising cost of food. 

The Jetboil MiniMo and the Cobb Grill are the camping equipment I bring with me for cooking during my camping outings.

Why? When I just need to boil water quickly for a quick bowl of soup on a cold evening, I use the Jetboil Mini Mo. Does anyone enjoy waiting for water to boil when it’s freezing outside? That’s why I’m such a fan of my Jetboil! 

The Cobb grill is ideal for everything from a modest meal to a large two-person meal when it’s a good warm summer evening and I’m willing to take my time cooking.

My Stovetop Setup for 1-2 people:

My Stovetop Setup for 3+ people:

Coal Cooking Set Up for everyone:

  • Cobb Kitchen in a Box: A coal BBQ taken to a new level.
  • Cobb Coal: Unique CobbleStones that are sustainable and renewable resources made from coconut husks. They are lightweight and super-efficient while giving you the convenience to start cooking within 5 minutes of lighting.
  • Large Bamboo Cutting Board: Antimicrobial cutting board that is safe with antibacterial properties.

Coffee Setup

I adore coffee, and it’s difficult for me to get through the day without a couple of cups. The best part about camping is that you won’t have to worry about drinking freeze-dried coffee while you’re out there.

I have a variety of coffee machines for brewing coffee when camping, and here are just a few of them for you to consider.

camping gear list

Camping - Cutlery and Dish-ware

When camping, you should always consider durability and the ease with which you can transport all of your camping gear. Over the years, I’ve broken a lot of plates and bent a lot of utensils, and I’ve learned my lesson.

Here is a list of cutlery and dishware ideas for your camping gear that will be around for a long time:

Camping - Cleaning

You must clean up after yourself, just as you would at home. However, if you forget to clean up after yourself when camping, you may attract some unwanted furry visitors.

Here are some camping gear cleaning essentials you should pack for every camping adventure:

Extra Camping Gear Kitchen Items

If you will be using a picnic table at a campsite for eating and setting up you should pack the following kitchen camping gear items:

Cool Storage for Food:

  • Alipicool Fridge: You will need a power supply from the campsite, or a generator to run this. Don’t use your vehicle’s battery as it will drain it faster than a boy band’s career.
  • Insulated Collapsible Cooler Bag: If you are camping for just a few nights, and can cool your food items with ice or freezer packs, then this is a great way to keep your food cool.
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Camping Furniture

If you plan on camping for more than a few days, a couple of portable chairs and a two-person tent will suffice.

If you’re planning a camping trip that will last more than a few days, or if you want to make camping a regular summer activity, you should invest in some high-quality camping gear that will last for years.

Tent Setup Suggestion:


When it comes to camping chairs, always make sure you have sturdy collapsible chairs that come with carrying bags so they are easy to pack. 

Below are two types of chairs I love bringing with me when I pack.

Collapsible (Space-Saving):

Recliner (Great for chilling out on):


If you’re staying at a campsite with wooden picnic tables on the grounds, you can use them to eat.

However, you may wish to add some glamping style to your camping gear from time to time. I always bring a few foldable camping tables with me if I’m going camping for more than a few days.

Here are some suggestions on camping tables to bring your camping gear to a new level.

Camp Kitchen Systems:

Instead of constantly putting stuff in and out of your vehicle, and then rummaging through it each time to find kitchen items, then you should think about a kitchen system for camping:

camping gear list

Camping Gear Storage and Organization

Having a camping gear storage solution allows you to keep all of your camping gear organized at home or when camping.

If you like to camp and are a camping enthusiast, having everything organized makes packing a breeze.

Here are some storage and organization suggestions to add to your camping gear.

Bath And Toiletry Items For Camping

Isn’t it true that the main goal of camping is to enjoy the outdoors and smell like nature? You can get away without showering for days if you’re camping alone, but if you’re camping with a group, it might not fly after two days.

Showering when camping might be difficult at times, so how can I stay clean and fresh while camping?

Here are some great hygienic products I like packing with me in my camping gear to stay clean.

  • Biodegradable Wipes: These are great for when you are on a 4-day camping trip with no running water for showers or toilets. They work amazing when you’re covered in days of SPF, bug spray, campfire ash, sweat, etc.!
  • Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper: TP is tough to come by when camping. And if you do have a campsite that has TP, do you really want to use it? 
  • Bath Towels: I like using the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel for camping because of its soft suede-like feel on the skin and face, plus it will absorb water 5 times more than its’ weight but dry fast.
  • Biodegradable Body Wash: If you do have the opportunity to shower, I love packing this concentrated body wash that is biodegradable so it’s easy to pack.
  • Solid Shampoo Bar And Conditioner – I like Shampoo bars because of their compact size which makes them a perfect choice for travel, and helps you take good care of your hair while being 100% waste-free!
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Camping Gear Lighting / Gadgets

Lighting options are another essential addition to your camping kit. If you’re only planning on camping for a few days, several simple solar lamps will suffice.

If you’re camping for a longer amount of time and want your campground to have a backyard vibe, here are some lighting alternatives for your camping gear.


Camp Gadgets:

  • Hanging Fan: If you are camping in the hot summer months and need to sleep comfortably, having a hanging fan in a tent makes all the difference in the world.

Solar Power

camping gear list

Camping Games

There are many ways to be entertained while camping. 

If you live near a lake or mountain, you can spend the day hiking or swimming, but if you’re searching for something different to do, here are some terrific ideas:


If you’re planning on camping this summer or any other season, I hope my ultimate camping gear guide can assist you in being more prepared.

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