3 Awesome Dji Products Filmmakers Should Have In Their Filmmaking Kit


DJI PRODUCTS – Being an independent filmmaker, I am always looking for ways to cut costs to maintain a low budget during filming.  Sometimes I have to sacrifice a few things like types of shots to complete my project without going bankrupt. On a recent scouting location during preproduction, I was looking at ways to … Read more

Gimbals / Stabilizers: Best Smartphone Filmmaking Accessory 2022

Smartphone stabilizer

Gimbals / Stabilizers: Best Smartphone Filmmaking Accessory With the advancement of built-in cameras in today’s top smartphones, they are becoming an affordable way for aspiring filmmakers to shoot cinematic footage.  Smartphones are extremely useful due to their small size and portability. Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei all have smartphones with excellent 4k video quality that can be used to set … Read more