5+ Best Reasons Why A Filmmaker Needs A 50mm Lens | Nifty Fifty Prime Lens

5 Best 4k Filmmaking Cameras Under 1000 Dollars

50 MM Lens – When I was building my filmmaking lens kit for a mirrorless cinema camera, I started with a couple of zoom lenses and no prime lenses in my filmmaking camera bag. And while these lenses were great for learning how to shoot video with my Sony a7r ii, I knew that if I wanted … Read more

Essential Guide To Cinematic Camera Lenses – 5+ Key Types Of Lenses For Filmmaking

cinematic camera lens

Cinematic Camera Lenses – Are you looking at ways to capture cinematic-looking footage for your next feature? To shoot a scene that will look cinematic, you need more than just a fancy film camera to do this. A filmmaker needs to frame the scene just right, the right positioning of the subjects you are filming, … Read more

Smartphone Lenses – How To Improve Your Smartphone Footage

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Smartphone lenses – Don’t you hate taking a photograph or video on a smartphone, and it never looks as good as you want it to be? Are you jealous of the influencers on Instagram and youtube producing incredible pictures and film footage using the same equipment as you do, but not achieving the same results? The … Read more

15 Amazing Travel Gadgets I Never Travel Without

15 Amazing Travel Gadgets I Never Travel Without

Travel Gadgets And Accessories – Traveling is always an experience some of us never try and should, or there are some of us take travel for granted. But regardless of what type of traveler you are, there are things that we never travel without. These things we never travel without could be an item that we can’t live … Read more