7 Best Smart Fitness Mirrors for Home Workouts

Smart Fitness Mirrors for Home Workouts-photo of woman doing yoga

7 Best Smart Fitness Mirrors for Home Workouts Now that we are all back from self-isolation due to the pandemic, our schedules are busier than ever. The never-ending to-do lists are getting longer and longer, and that means we are not able to take care of our health properly. Finding time to go to the … Read more

20+ Great Fitness Gear & Equipment Ideas For A Home Gym

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Great Fitness Gear & Equipment Ideas For Building A Home Gym From Amazon.com Are you trying to build the best home gym to workout anytime you want? We at Peek At This have been getting a lot of requests lately asking us what fitness gear and equipment we bought at the start to build a … Read more

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Best Rowing Machine For A Home Gym?

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Best Rowing Machine For Your Home Gym? Our Rating: 4.8 / 5 Smart Fitness Equipment is becoming more popular than ever because of the ability to bring instructor lead classes into your own home gym. With smart fitness mirrors like the Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror and Smart Fitness Studio Cycles like the Echelon EX-7, … Read more

10 Best CrossFit Equipment For A Home Garage Gym

Top 10 Equipment Items For A Crossfit Garage Gym

CrossFit Equipment – CrossFit is an intense exercise program to increase all levels of fitness.  Since CrossFit is such an intense workout with incredible health benefits, the CrossFit trend has exploded in popularity and has been commercialized throughout the world.  But did you know that CrossFit started out in home gyms?  If you are thinking … Read more

Best Marcy Home Gyms of 2022 – Buyer’s Tips & Reviews

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Marcy Home Gym Machines – We all know that exercising is an important part of improving our physical health. The dilemma with exercising for many of us is that it often costs a lot of money on monthly membership fees and costs us valuable time commuting from home to the gym. With the recent pandemic, many … Read more

15+ Great Fitness Gift Ideas For Women & Men

Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

Fitness Gift Ideas – Are you looking for the right fitness gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life that is always looking for the next big thing in fitness? Do you know someone that loves working out and knows everyone at the gym by their first name?  When it comes to fitness, having the right … Read more

AB Rollers – 5 Best Reviewed Fitness Gear To Improve Your Body’s Core

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Ab Rollers – If there’s one thing any person trying to achieve while getting into shape, it would be strengthening a body’s core. If you want to strengthen your core, then ab rollers should be the first piece of equipment to think of. When it comes to getting into shape, it can get pretty overwhelming to … Read more

The Perfect Home Gym – 20+ Best Fitness Equipment Ideas

Home Gym Under 500 dollars

How To Create The Perfect Home Gym  Do you ever wish you could go to a gym where no one else was using all of the exercise equipment and you could get a good workout? The nicest aspect about having a home gym is that no one will ever know. This implies that you have … Read more

10 Best All-In-One Home Gym Ideas – Best Rated Home Gym Equipment

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Best Home Gym Ideas | Top 10 All In One Workout Machines Although having a gym membership has certain advantages, have you ever tried to cancel one? I’d sooner sit through an hour-long timeshare pitch than bother with trying to cancel a gym membership. Many people join a gym and go every day for the … Read more

The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss [2022]

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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss Do you know how much your gym membership costs on average per year? How can anyone justify the cost of a year’s membership when monthly membership prices can reach $200? Every health club’s mission is to make you believe that once you sign on the dotted line, all … Read more