7+ Best Lenses for Smartphone Photography – Serious Tools To Improve Your Smartphone Videos and Photos

Moment Smartphone Lenses

Best Lenses for Smartphone Photography With the latest smartphones by the likes of Samsung and Apple, every smartphone user has the opportunity to take their smartphone photography to the next level. But even with the multiple built-in lenses these smartphones have, they still have limitations compared to adding an external lens attachment. Sure, the latest … Read more

Smartphone Camera Accessories – 10+ Best for Video Creators

Smartphone Camera Accessories - 10+ Best for Video Creators

For Video Creators, Smartphone Camera Accessories – Video artists can now create a cinematic aesthetic that rivals many movie cameras thanks to the latest cellphones that are produced every year.  Filmmakers like Zack Snyder, Sean Baker, and Steven Soderbergh have used a smartphone to shoot short and feature films. However, if you plan to shoot … Read more

10 Tips For Shooting Great Smartphone Photos – Beginners Guide

Want to Take Better Smartphone Photos? Try These 10 Tips and tricks to help you take better smartphone photos.

Tips Take Better Smartphone Photos  Smartphone cameras have gone a long way in recent years, and the quality of photos you can shoot now is incredible. Many cellphones today can equal the quality of images that point-and-shoot cameras can’t. It’s no surprise that many of us amateur photographers like it today. Many of us today have trouble … Read more

Best Anamorphic Lenses For Smartphones: Moment Vs. Moondog Labs Vs. Ulanzi Compared

Anamorphic Lenses For Smartphones

Anamorphic Lenses for smartphones  Are you looking for a way to make your smartphone videos look more cinematic?  Today’s smartphones are proving to be a fantastic tool for creating incredible-looking videos without the need to invest in an expensive mirrorless or DSLR cameras. The disadvantage of capturing video on a smartphone is the limitations of … Read more

5+ Best Tips To Make Your Smartphone Cinematography More Cinematic

smartphone cinematography

5 Tips for Making Your Smartphone Cinematography More Cinematic When it comes to filmmaking on a budget, finding the proper filmmaking camera at a reasonable price might be difficult. The good news is that you can start filming projects with just your smartphone as a camera. You might be wondering how smartphone cinematography compares to … Read more

Smartphone Lenses – How To Improve Your Smartphone Footage

smartphone equipment

Smartphone lenses – Don’t you hate taking a photograph or video on a smartphone, and it never looks as good as you want it to be? Are you jealous of the influencers on Instagram and youtube producing incredible pictures and film footage using the same equipment as you do, but not achieving the same results? The … Read more