7+ Best Hotel Booking Sites (to Find Cheap Hotel Deals)

Finding Great Hotel Deals – Do you constantly stay at hotels where you found out fellow travelers were able to find a cheaper hotel rate than you did for the same hotel room?

I always feel a little cheated when I find out that I paid 50% more than someone else for the same hotel room.

Do you feel that way as well? The question that I constantly think of after I feel cheated is how did they find this incredible deal? How do I capitalize on my misfortunes?

Any traveler who is always ready to hit the road for an incredible journey is trying to save as much money as they can wherever they go.

Finding cheap hotel deals represents one way many budget travelers do before they hit the road to travel.

Best Hotel Booking Sites (to Find Cheap Deals)
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How To Find Great Hotel Deals

When it comes to travel budgets, most travelers priorities on saving money during vacation usually comes done to three factors:

1. Finding Cheap Hotel Deals

2. Finding Cheap Airfare

3. Saving Money On Food Costs During Travel.

This post is dedicated to helping the budget traveler find cheap hotel deals that are rated high by other travelers.

What I hope you will learn after this post is some valuable tips that will help you secure the best accommodation deals for future travels.

Hotel Booking Sites

When travelers try to find the best hotel deals through hotel booking sites, every traveler has his/her personal preference.

I know I have my favorites when it comes to booking hotels for my vacations and below is a list of my go-to sites that you may be unaware of.


Booking.com at present is one of the largest accommodation booking sites on the internet today to find great hotel deals.

Wherever you travel across this massive planet of ours, Booking.com will able to secure you the cheapest deals on hotels.

This website alone processes more than a million bookings a day in over 40 languages from around the world, so they will have you covered.

Why do I like booking hotels through Booking.com? I can be guaranteed the best available hotel rates.

Plus the site promises to price match, so any traveler will have the peace of mind that they are always getting great hotel deals when booking.

Another plus when using Booking.com is that you will receive Instant confirmation once you find that great hotel deal.

Plus, they don’t charge you any booking fees, and in most cases, if you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, it can be canceled without penalties.

Find out yourself by checking out Booking.com here.


When looking for Hotel Deals Last Minute, why not look into booking accommodations through Airbnb?

For me, Airbnb provides me with just another way to secure cheap accommodation while I travel.

Airbnb’s approach to booking accommodations is where people can rent out an extra room or entire house for just a night or more depending on the traveler’s needs.

This booking website is a preferred way of booking for many who are on a budget but want to be in the heart of the action like many of the overpriced hotels in the area.

It is a unique online marketplace where people can rent their extra room to the traveler who wants accommodation at a cheap price.

It is mostly famous among solo travelers, backpackers, and budget travelers as it generally offers the cheapest price compared to hotels.

airbnb-how to find great hotel deals

Airbnb has listings throughout the world and makes it easy for any traveler regardless of the budget to find the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Why do I like booking through Airbnb?

It is because of the options of accommodations I can find anywhere around the world.

Want to stay in a houseboat in the heart of Amsterdam? Airbnb can help you do that.

Looking for an entire apartment in the heart of NYC that you can call home for a week? Airbnb has you covered.

airbnb_how to find great hotel deals


If you are looking for Great Hotel Deals that isn’t a hotel, another accommodation booking site like Airbnb is VRBO

I wasn’t sure about VRBO as I never really have heard of this online accommodation booking site before.

It has been recommended by several people who follow this blog, so I figured I would investigate the site myself to see what the fuss is about.

VRBO has been around since 1995, and just like Airbnb, it pairs homeowners with other travelers seeking places to stay around the world.

The companies motto is “To give people the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.”

VRBO- how to find great hotel deals

What I like after reading about VRBO is the site is more focused on vacation homes compared to rooms to rent like Airbnb.

Yes, you can book vacation homes through Airbnb, but most of the time Airbnb is more focused on a shared apartment or home.

Just by going to some of the locations from around the world that VRBO offers, I will be using this accommodation booking site for when I need to stay for a week or longer in a house for myself.

Like a week in Hawaii on the beach where I can just sit back and relax and not have a care in the world.

For more information on signing up with VRBO click here.

Hotels Tonight

Hotels Tonight is a new hotel booking site that I have started to use to find cheap hotel deals.

Why? Because the approach to Hotels Tonight is to find the best hotel deals that have quality vs quantity in terms of searching for hotels.

Hotels Tonight behind the scenes, vet’s the hotels on their list. If a particular hotel doesn’t meet the standards of the booking site, they won’t advertise the hotel.

Another reason I like using Hotels Tonight is if I am stranded in a city for a night, I can book a quality hotel at a sometimes better price than other hotel booking sites on the internet.

Hotels-tonight_how to find great hotel deals

With hotel rates fluctuating daily, a traveler can set an alert for any city they are staying in, and Hotels Tonight will keep you up to date on the pricing fluctuations. They will let you know if it’s the best time to book.

Plus, Hotels Tonight has a reward program called HT Perks which is a way to give back to the traveler. It’s pretty simple: the more you use Hotels Tonight, the better it gets.

As you book, you unlock levels that give you access to exclusive extra discounts, and you can use those discounts immediately or save them for a later booking. You also unlock other sweet perks as you level up.

Unlike other programs, there are no blackout dates and you never lose your status.

hotels_tonight_how to find great hotel deals

To learn more about Hotels Tonight click here to find out.


Agoda is another great booking website for hotel deals that I just happen to come across when I was traveling via Amtrak from Los Angeles to Seattle and needed a night stay in Seattle.

All of the booking sites I regularly go to had hotel prices that were out of reach for me in terms of price. I was scrambling to find something, and an ad popped up on my screen for Agoda and I gave it a chance.

Just by taking a chance on Agoda, I was able to stay at the Edgewater in Seattle for under $200. This was amazing since other booking sites I researched had rates starting at $350 a night for the same hotel.

how to find great hotel deals

Just like many other hotel booking sites on the internet, Agoda offers rates for hotels throughout the world.

Even though this site is more Asia specific, it still offers cheap hotel deals around the world. It’s becoming one of the biggest hotel booking sites out there, and a go-to booking site for frequent travelers trying to secure the best rate out there.

Plus, Agoda guarantees the lowest price available and will price match if you find a better deal on other hotel booking websites. As well as, free cancelation for selected hotels in their property list.

how to find great hotel deals

Also, just like Hotels TonightAgoda offers a reward program called PointsMax that you can collect points on your stay that can be used on future travel.

There is so much going for Agoda in terms of booking hotel accommodations, and that’s why it’s on this list of booking sites for finding great hotel deals for your travels.

Click here to find your cheap hotel deals with Agoda


If you are not aware of Expedia, then you should when it comes to finding cheap hotel deals.

Expedia is one of the biggest online hotel booking sites on the internet today, and comparable to Booking.com with the selection of hotel accommodations throughout the world.

how to find great hotel deals

When I am researching cheap hotel deals for my holidays, I have two windows up while I search.

One window being Booking.com, and the other Expedia.com and I compare the two on the best deals for accommodations I am looking at.

Plus, another advantage of Expedia is the reward program that the booking site offers to its customers.

If you book enough through Expedia, you can use your rewards to lower the hotel/flight/package deals for your next holiday booking.

how to find great hotel deals

Side Note: When booking your hotel accommodations to find the cheapest hotel deals on the internet, make sure you are signed in to the corresponding booking site.

Why? Because hotel booking sites offer better pricing to its members when they are signed in compared to an everyday travel browser researching prices.

Find out yourself by checking out Expedia.com here.

Other Hotel Booking Sites To Use

Above is the hotel booking sites that I use quite frequently when it comes to finding the best hotel deals on the internet.

But there are other booking sites on the internet that many travelers use to secure a great hotel deal that I haven’t mentioned. The reason for this is when something isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Here are some other hotel booking sites that you may want to check out in finding the best hotel deals for your next holiday.

Trip Advisor – Trip Advisor is the World’s largest travel platform. You can search millions of traveler reviews and opinions to narrow down the best hotel for you. Trip Advisor also compares the lowest prices on hotels, flights, and cruises from the leading vacation booking sites and displays them for you to make your final decision.

Hotwire – Hotwire is a travel booking website that offers airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages. What Hotwire offers to the traveler is that they sell off unsold travel inventory at discounted prices.

They have Hotwire Hot Rates which are the low prices that Hotwire specially negotiates with our hotel suppliers. You won’t know the hotel you are staying at until you book it, but sometimes you can find diamonds in the rough by using this option.

Tips and Tricks On Finding Cheap Hotel Deals

Hotel Deals

Have Flexibility

Having a flexible schedule can make all the difference in the world when it comes to finding great hotel deals.

When it comes to travel, the most popular days generally are on the weekends, which tends to see higher prices in hotels.

When you are ready to book your next holiday, look at booking on days like Sunday to Thursday to secure better hotel deals.

Start Your Planning Months In Advance

If you start your travel plans at least 3 to 4 months in advance, you often find better deals on hotels and flights because the demand isn’t there yet.

Stay Away From peak Seasons

Booking hotels and flights during the peak travel seasons can be a major hit to any travelers’ wallet.

The reason for this is that hotel and flight operators know that they can set a higher price during these times and get it.

If you have to travel during the peak of tourist season, start your planning at least 4 to 6 months in advance to secure a cheap hotel and flight deal.

Add Yourself To Email Mailing Lists

A great way for me to secure hotel and flight deals is that I sign up to my go-to travel booking sites and wait for the perfect deal.

You would be surprised by the deals you may receive because of this like “Stay seven nights for the price of five.”

I also add myself to hotel chain sites like IHGMarriottBest WesternHilton Hotels, and Fairmont Hotels because they offer great package deals to its members.

Have Multiple Windows Opened During Your Search

As I mentioned above when I am searching for cheap hotel deals on Expedia and Booking.com, I have multiple windows opened to secure the best price.

This way you know you are getting the best price for you.

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