5+ Effective Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

5+ Effective Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

In this article, we continue with our series of YouTube articles, presenting some insight into how to build and grow your channel.

If you have started your very own YouTube Channel or thinking about starting one, one of the biggest challenges many YouTubers face is building and growing an audience for their YouTube channel.

The challenge may be real for many YouTubers having a difficult time growing their YouTube channel, but it doesn’t have to be. 

If you have been following blog posts on this website to learn more about filmmaking, vlogging, and growing a YouTube channel, I hope that they have helped so far. Previously, we’ve covered everything you need to know about starting a YouTube channel, as well as important steps to be a successful YouTuber. In these articles, you’ll find plenty of tips on how to grow your channel, covering everything from the basics and best practices of a YouTube Channel. If you haven’t yet read these, they’re a great place to start.

While many potential YouTubers seem to shy away from building a YouTube channel because of the constant influx of new aspiring creators and the feeling their content will get lost in a very giant pool of creators.

But if you are one of those potential YouTubers, don’t let those reasons stop you because it is very possible to grow on YouTube and build a successful channel.

Building on the advice given in our previous articles, we’ve got more insight for you that will help rev the growth of your channel. Let’s leap into these pointers further.

growing your YouTube channel

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Create a video series

Creating YouTube playlists is a tactic on growing your YouTube channel that is very underutilized by many YouTubers.

Why is this important? Because the YouTube algorithm ranks your videos based on ‘session time’ (the amount of time someone spends on YouTube after starting to watch your YouTube video).

In the YouTube Creator Academy, they note that “Your channel also gets a boost when people watch anything anywhere on YouTube after watching your content…and when you make content that makes people watch more from your channel, then you’re helping us out.”

Sometimes, the most straightforward answers to how to grow on YouTube are staring us right in the face. Building a YouTube playlist is an easy way to increase session time. Once one video has finished playing, the next one begins automatically. Therefore, the audience is more likely to stay around your YouTube Channel for longer. Session time increased.

So if you can create a series of videos that are captivating and follow consecutively, you’ll be able to maintain viewers by watching for longer and guarantee that they’re returning for the next installment.

growing your YouTube channel

For example, right now, I’m in the middle of creating a series of smartphone filmmaking videos. The content is long-form, but the idea is that when people watch, they’re educated and entertained enough that they want to come back for the next episode!

Another great example of this is the popular filmmaking channel Studio Binder.

Another great example of this is the popular filmmaking channel Studio Binder. They organize their videos according to seasons as well as themes. That way, you can find playlists of videos dedicated to VFX, DIY tips, horror, and many others.

Start doing giveaways

Looking for another way on growing your YouTube channel fast? Since everyone loves free stuff, offering a giveaway on your channel is a great way to get more new subscribers in a short time frame.

Make Sure you can set the criteria for what you want your audience needs to do to participate in the giveaway. For example, you can ask your viewers to do any of these 3 steps to help grow your YouTube channel:

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Like the video
  • Leave a comment saying why you should win

The Most Important thing to remember of a giveaway is to ensure your winner receives a prize that is A) relevant to your channel and B) an affordable investment for you. Don’t break the bank if you can’t afford to.

Sometimes, you may be able to connect with a brand and organize a sponsored giveaway, but this comes back to point A. Make sure it’s relevant.

For example, if your channel niche is about travel and filmmaking, giving away a new travel backpack for vlogging or a new camera is a good fit.

15CF8AFBD42626493F2ED0704DCF330A growing your youtube channel growing your youtube channel


When looking at how to make a successful YouTube channel, collaborating with other YouTubers is a helpful way to grow because it effectively doubles your audience. Whoever you choose to team up with, they’ll be bringing their viewers and subscribers with them and informing their viewers of your content.

Just like the concept of giveaways, make sure that the people you collaborate with are suitable to the type of content you create. You don’t want to push the issue or just choose someone because they have a larger audience and better metrics than you. For example, if your channel is about becoming a better film director, collaborate with other film directors.

You can discover more information about this topic on the YouTube Creator Academy. They highlight these 3 questions you should ask when looking for potential collaboration partners:

  • Could you imagine someone watching one of their videos then immediately watching one of yours? Would it make sense for them to be programmed together?
  • Do you have compatible values? Do they need any of the skills/production resources/unique access/audience that you have and vice versa?
  • Do you enjoy their videos? You likely won’t enjoy collaborating with a creator whose work you don’t admire.

Call to action

If you watch a lot of TikTok videos and listen to the influencers talk about the next great side hustle that will make you money, the one thing a lot of them mention is always having a call to action in your videos.

Whether you want to get people to subscribe, comment, or leave a like on the video, just asking your viewers to do so can be highly effective. I know that this advice is something that many of us know in our daily lives, that if we don’t ask…we don’t get.

But how many of us really ask? Something so simple and useful in how to grow on YouTube that many YouTubers forget to do. If you want engagement from your viewers, have a call to action.

How can you leave a call to action in a YouTube Video? Utilizing tools such as the end cards and info cards can help in facilitating these calls to action. When you are starting your YouTube adventure, take the time to learn what they are and how to implement them. You’ll soon see activity on your YouTube analytics.

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Engage with your community

I know this was mentioned above, but this is extremely important in your YouTube success, and that is to engage with your community! If individuals are taking the time to watch your videos and comment, the very least you should do is take the time to reply.

Here are a few reasons why this is important:

  1. When you take the time to engage with your viewers, it builds a relationship between you and them. In sales, I always send out thank you cards to every new sale I made, this showed my customers that I appreciate their business and my customers appreciated that I took the time out of my sales day to add that extra personal touch. This works the same with your YouTube channel. Engage with your viewers, and you have viewers for life.
  2. The YouTube algorithm values engagement, so if you can encourage an environment on your channel where that’s happening, it will help you in growing your YouTube channel.
  3. Also, when you take the time to read and respond to your comments, you can learn a lot about what your audience likes and what they want to see more of on your channel. This is the type of market research that many companies pay for, and just by reading and responding to your audience it can help shape your content strategy and guarantee that you’re building a successful YouTube channel.

How to grow your channel with a YouTube ad campaign

Don’t you hate it when you are watching a YouTube video and halfway through, a couple of ads come on, and you can’t skip through them to get back to the video you were watching?

Well, the reason why the ads pop up while you are watching a YouTube clip is that they work.

Many aspiring content creators are pivoting to YouTube ad campaigns to help promote their YouTube channel. While this ad trend has been particularly popular in the finance and cryptocurrency market, but in the past year, it’s happening with all types of markets.

If you’re looking at how to grow on YouTube, this tactic may prove very valuable. There are 2 kinds of YouTube video ads that you can go for here:

  1. True View ads-these are the standard ads on YouTube that appear before or during a video you’re watching.
  2. Video discovery ads-these show up on the YouTube homepage, in search results pages, and related videos on YouTube video watch pages.

True View ads likely will work best when it comes to getting your video ad seen by more viewers. The only problem with this type of ad is that viewers can skip your ads after 5 seconds of viewing. So make sure that you make a great first impression right off the bat.


These tips on growing your YouTube channel are getting back to the basics. I know that you may know this already, but it’s always great to have a refresher in Marketing 101. If you make the effort and take action on all of these and integrate them with everything you’ve learned about SEO and best practices, you’ll start to see it pay off in your YouTube channel analytics.

The truth is with me blogging and vlogging for the past few years is that the platform is ever-evolving. What may work today may not tomorrow. The solution to how to make a successful YouTube channel is that you need to keep experimenting, innovating, and learning.

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