Everything You Need To Know About WODFitters Flex

wodfitters flex massage gun

WODFitters Flex – Deep Tissue Mini Massage Gun with Rotating Arm The world is getting more complicated and more stressful than ever before. We are punishing our bodies with our daily routines. How are we punishing our bodies daily?  We punish our bodies with being stuck in a long car ride during rush hours with … Read more

Best Budget Lighting Kit Ideas Under 150 Dollars

Budget Lighting Kit Ideas Under 150 Dollars

Best Budget Lighting Kit Ideas Under 150 Dollars No matter what your filmmaking budget is, every filmmaker needs to build a small lighting kit for brightening up a dark scene.  The great thing about the latest lighting kits available to filmmakers, is they are portable and affordable. With many lighting film kits going towards LED … Read more

Best 4k Filmmaking Cameras Under 2000 Dollars

Best 4K Filmmaking Cameras under 2000 dollars_aperture black blur camera

This Best 4K Filmmaking Cameras under 2000 dollars list is filled with popular mirrorless cameras and boxed cinema cameras on the market today that meet the needs of both photographers and filmmakers. While these cameras may not offer the cinematic features of high-end cinema cameras, you may see on Hollywood film sets, but they are … Read more

Menstrual Cramps: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Menstrual Cramps

I am sure all of us girls experience real bad menstrual cramping quite often. Cramps are not only painful but are also usually associated with fatigue and interfere with your ability to move around and go through your daily life chores. If regular medication and exercise are not helping you, do make some modifications to … Read more

20+ Great Fitness Gear & Equipment Ideas For A Home Gym

fitness gear - purple dumbbells in hands of positive sportswoman

Great Fitness Gear & Equipment Ideas For Building A Home Gym From Amazon.com Are you trying to build the best home gym to workout anytime you want? We at Peek At This have been getting a lot of requests lately asking us what fitness gear and equipment we bought at the start to build a … Read more

7+ Best Lenses for Smartphone Photography – Serious Tools To Improve Your Smartphone Videos and Photos

Moment Smartphone Lenses

Best Lenses for Smartphone Photography With the latest smartphones by the likes of Samsung and Apple, every smartphone user has the opportunity to take their smartphone photography to the next level. But even with the multiple built-in lenses these smartphones have, they still have limitations compared to adding an external lens attachment. Sure, the latest … Read more

5+ Best Affordable Streaming Ready Cameras

Streaming ready cameras - close up of camera over black background

Live streaming video has become increasingly popular over the past few years since the pandemic forced us to stay at home and isolate. Live streaming lets you watch, create and share videos in real-time. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet-enabled device, a live streaming camera, and a streaming platform/app … Read more

Best Camera Buying Guide For Beginners 101 – Find The Right Camera For You

Camera Buying Guide

Camera Buying Guide When it comes to shopping for a camera, with so many options to think about, it can be tough trying to find the right camera for what you need. If you are searching for the right camera for what you need, this camera buying guide is perfect for the novice photographer trying … Read more

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Best Rowing Machine For A Home Gym?

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Best Rowing Machine For Your Home Gym? Our Rating: 4.8 / 5 Smart Fitness Equipment is becoming more popular than ever because of the ability to bring instructor lead classes into your own home gym. With smart fitness mirrors like the Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror and Smart Fitness Studio Cycles like the Echelon EX-7, … Read more