15 International Travel Tips To Make Travel Better

International Travel Tips – Traveling to other parts of the world can be exciting and memorable.

I find that my most favorite travel memories always involve circumstances that were out of my control. Just by adapting and improvising a whole new adventure opened up for me.

I remember a time when I was backpacking through Thailand years ago, and because of a miscommunication and taking the wrong ferry to a different Island than what I was expecting, I witnessed a full moon festival that I never heard of or planned for.

There have been times where I haven’t been so fortunate like being stuck in a city for 24 hours with no accommodations because the entire city was booked.

Side note: Don’t travel to Las Vegas during the convention season! (Check Out This Calendar Link)

Regardless of where your travels take you, there are many tips to relieve the burden of the unexpected.

Here are 15 of my favorite international travel tips to make travel better.


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Something that was drilled into me when I traveled overseas on a school trip back when I was 15 was patient remains an asset.

There was an exercise my teacher demonstrated to us before we headed over the pond, and that was put your hands in your pockets and shrug your shoulders.

I wasn’t quite sure why we had to practice this exercise daily before the trip, but I figured it out during the trip.

Stuff happens, and when it‘s out of your control, you just have to shrug your shoulders and just accept it.

Book A Window Seat

Aisle or window seat? Everyone who travels on a plane has his/her own personal preference when it comes to seats on an airplane. 

For me on international flights, I try to book a window seat so I can prop my head on the bulkhead. If not for just the great sleep you will get, imagine the incredible scenery you will be able to take in compared to being hit by the beverage cart constantly if you are setting on the aisle.

Also, when booking your window seat, try to find one closet to the front of the plane if you are flying internationally.

The reason for this is that if you are on a large plane like the A 380, which could hold up to 600 passengers, when flying internationally customs will be a breeze if you are off first.

Staying Hydrated

I know that drinking alcohol tends to take the edge off of flying, but it’s also dehydrating you at the same time. Staying hydrated on long haul flights makes it easier to get over jet lag. 

One of the things to bring when traveling abroad is a water bottle with a built-in filtration system inside it. 

This way you can fill it up before leaving on your flight, as well as not have to purchase water during your journey by just refiling from a tap.

Lunchtime Is The Perfect Time

One of the things to be aware of when traveling is tourist attractions during peak seasons can be overwhelming. 

One of the international travel tips I would like to share is that lunchtime is the perfect time to visit attractions. I have noticed that during lunch, tourist attractions tend to have fewer crowds to maneuver around. 

Also, pay attention to sites like Citypass and Viator. These sites tend to have incredible ticket packages that you can purchase beforehand.

This way you can beat the crowd at the most popular attractions in the city you are visiting.

Plan For What You Need

One of the important International Travel Tips I have for you when traveling is to have an internationally checklist ready at least a week before each trip.

Write down a list of items that you can not travel without in your travel journal.

I tend to write checklists by hand because I find that I remember easier than inputting it into my smartphone.

Visitor Centres

One of the international travel tips and tricks I like sharing is that visitor centres are a goldmine of information.

They are in the know of what is happening right there and now in the city you are visiting. 

Sure you can grab a map of the city, but sometimes you can find some secret local information that you can find in any guide book.

Some of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at where because of suggestions from Visitor centres.

Learn Simple Phrases Before Leaving

One of the things to prepare before traveling abroad is to learn simple phrases in the language you are traveling to. A simple please and thank you in the countries native tongue goes a long way.

I always like using Rosetta Stone a few months before traveling just so I can not make a fool out of myself when I get to my destination.

Have An Open Mind And Be Sociable

When you are traveling internationally, one of the best things to do is make friends. You never know who you may bump into.

I remember I was in a bar in Thailand years ago, and just by approaching other travelers around me, I became friends with someone that years later got me a meeting with a film agent years later.

My friend knew that I was trying to get into the film industry. With a chance conversation he had with someone in Los Angeles years later at a function, he dropped my name because he knew what type of person I was like. 

And because of being sociable I had the opportunity to enter into a whole new connection to a world I was trying to break into.

How To Travel Abroad Safely

Here is an one of the International Travel Tips I can’t stress enough, especially traveling to highly populated destinations is that thieves are everywhere.

I have to be the burden of bad news on this post but always keep your head up.

If you are worried about your money, don’t travel with a money belt. Money belts don’t work, as thieves know where they are.

The only travel belt that seems to work for me is the Zero Grid Money Belt. The only problem with this belt is that is can only hold money and change, but not your plastic cards.

But, it’s an actual belt that can hold your pants up, so there is no way someone can steal your belt.

Also, don’t cary all of your money in one area. Take some cash and one credit card, and leave the rest in the in room hotel safe.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something that we tend to forget before traveling abroad, but it comes in handy when you really need it. 

Sure it may cost a few bucks, but when you are sitting in a hospital with a broken ankle because of slipping on a sidewalk in NYC, the only pain you should feel is your ankle and not your pocketbook. 

Bring Chargers For Electronics

This is a big one for me because I make a living off my laptop. All the business I do requires either my laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

I can’t imagine if my battery dies on any of them, and I have to send an important e-mail or call an UBER.

When you are traveling abroad, odds are you are going to be using power from outlets that will not be compatible with your electronics.

That’s why you should pack a universal travel charger and outlet in this case. 

Plus, if you buy a good travel outlet, you will not have to worry about burning down a hotel because of a facility heating pad. 

True story, this actually happened to me in which I purchased a cheap travel plugin, and it wasn’t powering the way it should have. 

Pack A Travel Go Bag As Carry On

What is a travel go-bag? A travel go-bag is one that you have with you in case of emergencies. Like when your checked luggage ends up in India, and you are in London. 

While the airlines figure out a way to get your luggage back to you, it may take days, and you don’t want that to delay a journey. 

By packing at least 5 pairs of underwear, 1 Bra, 1 Pair of pants, 2 Shirts, 2 Socks, and pajamas, it can get you through a few days while your checked luggage travels around the world to get to you.

Find Out How Much Public Transportation Is

I love google maps, and the reason why I love google maps is that I can map out everything I want to see and download it onto my phone.

I can access this downloaded map without using wifi which may be tough to find when traveling internationally.

Plus with google maps, you can map out directions to the places you want to see, and it will tell you how much it will cost you if you are using public transportation or even ride sharing programs.

Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address On Your Phone

Another of the International Travel Tips I like to share is your smartphone can be your best friend. 

While you will be using google maps quite a bit on your phone, why not plug in your hotel address into google maps and save it.

This way, you will never forget the address of where you are staying, and it‘s easier to find your way back.

Plus, by adding your room number into your phone, it makes it easier to remember which room and floor you are on.

Sometimes the first couple of days on your trip tend to be a blur, and I know I forget my room number just this time frame.

Travel First Aid Kit

When you are traveling abroad, sometimes it’s tough to find band-aids or tensor bandages in case of cuts and sprains that may occur during a trip. 

Having a travel size first aid kit is small enough to pack and can be ready at a moment‘s notice.

Nothing like falling down and scraping your knees on a sidewalk in China, and then trying to figure how to sayBand-aid” in Mandarin.


If you follow these International travel tips like having:

  • Travel First Aid Kit
  • Using your Smartphone for remembering your room number and address location
  • Packing travel chargers and a change of clothes in your travel go-bag
  • Knowing about travel scams
  • Adapt to any situation

Then you know you will be prepared for the best vacation ever.

Have fun and enjoy your trip.

If you have other suggestions to add to this list, feel free to comment.

Also, please share to your social media if you know someone who would need this advice.

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  1. Wow. Very thorough tips and recommendations. I love the travel to go bag. We have always been so lucky, but you never know. Great advice that I will use from now on.

    1. The travel go bag is like an earth quake kit I have at home. I hope to never need it, but if the crap goes down, I will be glad I was prepared. Thanks for reading my post.

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