5 Most Common Problems that Stop You Leaving the Country

It’s a big world with so many opportunities to avail and things to see. Still, most of us spend all our lives in just one country where we were born. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, we should move to other countries to explore more of the world. Besides, you keep growing when you keep moving. 

If you have been wanting to move out of your home country and still haven’t been able to, there could be one of these five reasons. All these problems can get in your way once you decide to move abroad, so you have to identify and resolve them in advance. 

You Have a Criminal Record

You might not be allowed to leave the country if you have a criminal record. They won’t issue a visa as long as you don’t get it cleared. You have to get a pardon to get your name cleared. The problem is that this process can take a lot of time. 

It is understandable that humans make a lot of mistakes in their lifetime, but some of us have to pay for them dearly. You should learn about the fastest way to get a pardon, so there is nothing holding you back when you try to move forward in life. 

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You Don’t Want to Leave Your Family

Homesickness is very common before you even move. Many of us don’t even realize it and keep making other excuses. This is not just for children; this also applies to adults and men too. We are taught to be strong and independent and we do that once we grow up, but moving to a new country thousands of miles away is scary. You won’t be able to see your family for a long time. It will cost expensive tickets and weeks of work just to see your family after moving abroad.

See if this is the problem deep down in your heart, stopping you from moving forward. There is no shame in admitting that you don’t want to leave your family members. In fact, it’s sweet and shows you love your family. 

You Don’t Have Enough Money

Five Most Common Problems that Stop You Leaving the Country

This is also another serious problem that stops most people from moving abroad. This can be particularly difficult for people from third-world countries where this a great currency difference. You should be lucky if you have a strong currency. 

Most countries require you to show that you have enough money to survive in their country for a few months. Once you move there, you will find a job to pay off your expenses. Your only challenge is arranging the initial payment that you need to get the visa. 

You are Scared of the Change

If you are a strong guy or girl who can live without family, you might still have some other fear in your heart. Being brave doesn’t mean that you are never scared. It means that you get scared but don’t let fear control your life. 

You need to look into your heart if there is something scaring you. Whatever it is, you must fight it for your own good. Remember, life will keep changing, and you can’t control it even if you stay in one place. 

You Don’t Want to be Alone

Five Most Common Problems that Stop You Leaving the Country

Life gets easier when you have your loved ones around you. It would make things a lot easier if your family or friends were also moving with you. The biggest challenge here would be to accept that you are actually scared. You might be coming up with other reasons to avoid this change.

5 Most Common Problems that Stop You Leaving the Country

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