7 Intense Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat

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Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat – If you are reading this, then you know that losing stubborn body fat while getting into shape, can be a challenge.

 Especially when one of the best ways to lose body fat is through aerobic activity.

When it comes to cardio exercises, especially for those trying to increase muscle mass, it’s something that many of us hate to do. It requires time and effort and results do show for a long time.

There are even studies I have seen on the internet that claim that cardio exercises don’t do anything for losing weight.

But forget those studies and let’s focus on the fact that cardio exercises indeed help with weight loss and help with building muscle.

The reason being is that cardio exercise is extremely helpful in burning body fat because it requires a huge amount of calories to get through a high-tempo workout. 

Plus, it improves blood and oxygen flow to your muscles which helps improve muscle growth.

I am writing the article because when I was at my highest weight, I was told by my doctors that if I didn’t lose the access weight I was carrying, I might not be around in 10 years. 

I know that sounds harsh, but it was a huge wake-up call, I don’t want anyone to hear this news from his/her doctors as I did.

Like it or not, cardio is your best friend when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. So, here are some of the best cardio exercises that I have used to lose close to 90 lbs in a year.

Side Note: I did follow a high protein/low carb diet to supplement my cardio sessions.

7 Intense Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat

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Cardio Exercises – The Good And Bad Ones

Now, let’s set the record straight when it comes to cardio exercises, and that is there are great cardio exercises and bad cardio exercises. 

What are bad cardio exercises? These are the exercises that require low intensity over a prolonged period of time that could cause muscle loss and weight loss plateaus.

These types of cardio exercises can range from light walking to stretching. They are great for warming up your muscles but don’t raise the heart rate enough do to anything in terms of burning fat.

If you are wondering what great cardio exercises are, they are the ones that rate your heart rate, make you sweat and leave you exhausted.

Curious what are great cardio exercises to burn fat? This post is going to answer that question for you to get you ready to achieve your weight loss goals.

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7 Great Cardio Fat Burning Exercises

With the description above of what is bad cardio exercises and great cardio exercises, it’s important to figure out which cardio exercises will work for you that won’t make you bored and stall during the dreaded plateau phase.

Now, let’s get to it and get you ready with these great cardio exercises!

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Jump Rope To Torch The Fat

Jump Rope – Now, I don’t have the greatest coordination on the planet and watching people jump rope as Rocky would compare to me is intimidating.

But, with patience and perseverance, I have fallen in love with the jump rope and its one of the best cardio exercises out there.

Why is Jump Rope A Good Cardio Exercise? The reason is it torches the fat because of the high-intensity training it provides to the body.

When you are jumping rope, pretty much every muscle in your body is getting a workout in, as well as improving your brain muscle because it improves coordination.

On average, 30 minutes of Jump Rope Cardio, a body can burn up to 400 calories at a regular pace. 

Plus, when your cardio and coordination improves through regular workouts, your speed will increase and the workouts will become more intense and increase your fat burn.

Another reason why I love the Jump rope as my cardio go-to is it’s a cheap piece of fitness equipment that can be taken everywhere, and its the reason why I have stayed in shape for the past year. 

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Battle Rope For Melting Body Fat

Battle Ropes – Now this piece of cardio equipment is not as cheap as a jump rope, and it requires more room, but it’s one hell of a fat burner.

Just like jumping rope, the average amount of calories burned in a 30-minute workout is around 400 – 500 calories burned.

The difference between jump ropes vs battle ropes is there is more exertion from arms, back, chest, legs, and core, depending on your routine that can help with muscle tone.

Adding battling ropes to your cardio routine provides an amazing cardio workout without the boredom that sometimes happens with other aerobic activities.

Plus, you really want a great sweat, no matter how hard you swing the ropes against the ground. 

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Boxing Is A Great Fat Burner

Just like Jumping Rope, Boxing is a cardio exercise that can be done anywhere. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest forms of exercise because it requires little if no equipment at all.

If you shadow box at home, or in front of a mirror at the gym, an average 30 min boxing session can burn up to 400 calories per hour! (Click here for a related article on boxing for heart health.)

Now, I personally added a punching bag into my home gym, which better mimics an opponent easier, plus burns more calories than shadow boxing.

What I like about boxing is that its an exercise that requires every muscle in your body, and certain movements help your abdominal core.

Want to kick up your boxing routine up a notch, adding leg work like knee kicks and spinning leg sweeps also helps torch the body fat.

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Rowing An Intense Fat Burning Exercise

Rowing is an intense cardio exercise because it ramps up your heart rate quickly and utilizes every muscle in your body.

The only disadvantage to rowing compared to the cardio exercises mentioned above, it that it requires equipment like a rowing machine or boat and a big lake.

I love the rowing machine because on average it burns roughly 400 calories in a 30-minute cardio workout and again utilizes every muscle in the body.

It’s specifically great for targeting the legs, back, abs, and arm muscles and improves muscle growth which is rare with most cardio exercises.

I personally use the rowing machine and treadmill during HIIT training, because it involves the larger muscles in the body that requires more calories to move these muscles compared to the smaller muscles in the arms.

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Burpees – A Fierce Cardio Fat Burner

As you can tell from the video above, this is a fierce fat burner when it comes to cardio, but take extra precautions when doing this type of exercise.

If you have lower back problems, start off slow and over time your body core will improve for more intense burpee workouts.

What I love about burpees is that just like shadow boxing and jump rope, you can do this exercise anywhere at any time to get the heart rate pumping.

On average, 30 min of a burpee workout burns close to 350 calories. But not only does this great workout help with keeping you lean, but it also improves muscle toning as well.

In terms of performing the workout, there are many different ways of doing this workout that you never get bored with it.

Click the links below for youtube clips to see great examples of different types of Burpee workouts that you can try to see what suits you best:

If you have found a burpee workout you like, start off slow and work your way towards more advanced workouts that can help you achieve intense fat burning body furnace.

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Mountain Climber – The Belly Torcher

The Mountain Climber is another fat burning exercise that is similar to burpees in which you can do anywhere to burn those nasty extra pounds.

Again, like many of the exercises above, you can perform the exercise anywhere you can find space to get the heart rate jumping.

When it comes to calorie burn, on average, a 30-min mountain climber exercise can burn close to 350 calories.

The great thing about mountain climbers is that just like burpees, there are serval variations to the exercise that will never bore you.

Mountain Climbers is a great fat burning workout, that not only helps with improving your cardio, it also helps in building a stronger core and better agility.

When I perform Mountain Climbers at home, I usually do Running mountain climbers and spider mountain climbers. These two are insane workouts that give you a great sweat.

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Box Jump Squat – Fat Burning Supreme

If you are looking for toning your legs while burning those last remaining few pounds you need to shed, this is the cardio workout for you.

Now, this fat-burning exercise does require an extra piece of equipment to perform the exercise, but if you purchase a Jump box for your burpees, then you are ready to go.

When you are performing this exercise, make sure you have a box that is sturdy enough to be able to jump on and off without stumbling.

How to perform this exercise is quite simple, you go from a stable squat position, and jump onto the jump box, and then jump back off the box into a squat position and repeat. 

How this burns body fat is that it uses excessive force to jump onto the box that keeps the heart rate high.

On average, the jump box squat exercise burns close to 300 calories in a 30-min workout. 

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If you are looking for ways to burn those extra unwanted pounds, these 7 intense cardio workouts will help you get there.

One thing to remember when trying to shed those extra pounds is even though cardio exercises help in torching body fat, you also need to supplement it with a diet that suits you best.

I personally use the Keto Diet (click this link for a great book on the Keto Diet.), but with all diets, I suggest having a conversation with your doctor or nutritionist before deciding on a diet.

If you liked this article and have other suggestions on great fat burning workouts that I may have missed, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Or, if you found this article interesting and helpful please share! By doing this, it helps this blog grow, so I can keep writing more informative articles in the future.

7 Intense Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat

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