Best iPhone Microphones For Smartphone Filmmaking – 2022

iPhone microphones

Best iPhone Microphones For Smartphone Filmmaking A few years ago, shooting a movie on a smartphone was unheard of. However, after directors such as Steven Soderbergh and Zack Snyder (shown below) shot outstanding films with a smartphone, filmmakers are taking notice. The iPhone is an excellent filming smartphone.  It’s no surprise that the smartphone is the ideal filmmaking camera … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Best RODE Microphones For Content Creation [2022 Guide]

RØDE Microphones

RØDE microphones – Are you an independent filmmaker, a Youtube creator, or someone who believes that sound is just as important as video image?  Regardless of whatever content you are creating, sound plays a key role in your content.  It doesn’t matter how incredible your video footage is, if your viewers can’t hear the dialogue or even the sound … Read more

Best Microphones For Youtube Vlogging – 2022

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Best Microphones For Youtube Vlogging Vlogging has been around for more than two decades, but it gained popularity when technology advanced to the point where anyone could capture video with a smartphone and upload them to the web in seconds. Video blogging is an excellent approach to share video memories with a large audience while … Read more

Best Smartphone Filmmaking Equipment For Making Videos – 2022

smartphone filmmaking equipment

Smartphone Filmmaking Equipment – To make a great film, all you need is a great story, and the rest falls into place.  The journey of a filmmaking career is full of ups and downs that require patience and time. So why not hit the ground running with smartphone filmmaking equipment on a budget? If you are just … Read more