Best Autofocus Cameras In 2022 – Buyers Guide 

Best Autofocus Cameras In 2022 - Buyers Guide

Autofocus Camera Highlights – There are two kinds of systems: phase detection and contrast detection, as well as two kinds of autofocus modes: Continuous AF and Single AF  Almost all video creators, from photographers to stock footage videographers to vloggers and independent filmmakers, can benefit from a good AF system.  In 2022, the Sony A9 Mark … Read more

7 Best Drone for Filmmakers 2022: Top Reviews for You


Best Drone For Filmmakers Drones have had a tremendous impact in the film business over the last decade because they allow filmmakers to capture breathtaking aerial photos and video without blowing the budget.  Content creators employ drones for spectacular videos from the skies, providing for the perfect bird’s-eye view on establishing and tracking shots, thanks … Read more